Dorothy Bonvillion: The Untold Story of Country Music’s Enduring Love

Who Was Dorothy Bonvillion?

Dorothy Bonvillion, an American, was George Jones’ first wife. Saddeningly, their 1950 marriage ended in 1951. Dorothy and Jones never had children. After their divorce, George Jones married three more times, adding to his personal life.

George Jones, her ex-husband, is a country music legend with several hit singles and albums. Dorothy Bonvillion is most known as the ex-wife of this country music legend, but she lived a quiet life. The mother of Susan Jones is Dorothy. Her family, childhood, date of birth, and other biographical facts are mostly unknown.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s relationship with George Jones is illuminated in this essay. It also investigates how their union affected their professions and lifestyles. Bonvillion’s secret story sheds light on George Jones’ personal life.

Profile Summary

Full/Real name Dorothy Bonvillon 
Birth date 1932 (Maybe)
BirthplaceLouisiana, United States
Date of DeathMay 14, 2014
Place of DeathNashville, Tennessee, United States
Cause of DeathComplications of dementia
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate Soon
SiblingsUpdate Soon
Marital statusUnmarried
SpouseGeorge Jones (m. 1950–1951)
ChildrenDaughter: Susan Jones
Famous ForBeing the Ex-Wife Of George Jones
ProfessionUpdate Soon
Net worth$8 Milllion
Social Media Not Active

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Early Life and Background

It is thought that Dorothy Bonvillion was born in Louisiana in 1932. She attended Charlton-Pollard High School in Beaumont, Texas, after her family moved there.

Dorothy loved country music and honky-tonk as a youngster in the 1950s. She appreciated the genre’s emotional depth and suffering stories.

Dorothy became famous for her brief marriage to George Jones and her American citizenship. She married 21-year-old George Jones aged 19. Corpus Christi hosted their February 16, 1957 wedding. The pair briefly lived in Beaumont after marrying before moving to Vidor, Texas, George’s hometown. George’s career took off with singles like “White Lightning” and “She Thinks I Still Care.”

Dorothy’s marriage to Jones ended in 1951. No children were born to Dorothy and George. Based on accessible resources, their separation’s cause is unknown.

Dorothy Bonvillion Physical Appearance

Dorothy Bonvillion has unique physical traits:

Eye colorBlack
Hair colorDark Brown
Height5’6″, 167cm
Weight55Kg, 121lbs

These data reveal Dorothy Bonvillion’s remarkable appearance.

The Career Life of Dorothy Bonvillion

The music industry was not something that Dorothy Bonvillion pursued, and there is no evidence that she was interested in pursuing a career in any other profession. Following the conclusion of her marriage to Jones, she decided to maintain a low profile and did not actively seek prominence in the public eye.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Marriage to George Jones

Texas native Dorothy Bonvillion met prominent country singer and songwriter George Glenn Jones early in his career. Their romance and marriage followed this interaction. They followed two young people starting their careers in the sector. They traveled together because they loved country music. Also They shared a love of music and a strong emotional bond during their 1950 marriage.

Their relationship ended one year later, in 1951, when the Country Singer left. This shortened their time together. Even though Dorothy and George married for five years, they had a daughter named Susan Jones. Their connection was forever changed by their families and personal struggles. They were highly involved in country music.

Dorothy blamed George’s “violent temper” and alcoholism for their divorce. This happened throughout their relationship. Their marital issues reflected those of many country music musicians who struggled to balance work and family.

Marriage Dissolution and Effects Dorothy Bonvillion married country singer George Jones in 1950, but their marriage dissolved in 1951. Jones’ volatile temper and alcoholism contributed heavily to the divorce. Despite their hardships, Dorothy and George had Susan Jones after a short relationship. Dorothy believes George’s alcoholism and fury caused their divorce. The divorce affected the family.

Dorothy chose to stay in Texas, her hometown, after her divorce. After that, George Jones had three more marriages and struggled with alcoholism throughout his career.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s marriage to George Jones ended due to personal issues, which had a lasting impact on their family, especially their daughter Susan. While Dorothy returned to Texas, George struggled with personal concerns at work. Their brief but important romance is remembered in country music history.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Ex-Husband

Dorothy Bonvillion was married to famous American musician, singer, and songwriter George Glenn Jones. He is affectionately called King George, Thumper Jones, The Possum, and No Show Jones. Over 50 years of a career pleased George Jones. He was born September 12, 1931, in Saratoga, Texas.

George Jones’s powerful voice propelled him to international fame, and he is considered one of country music’s most influential figures. The touching “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is his most famous song. Popular tunes were in his repertoire. George won over thousands of fans worldwide with his ability to portray a wide spectrum of emotions through music.

Over the past twenty years, George Jones has become the most accomplished country singer. Bill Malone, a country music expert, said Jones’s songs were so absorbing that listeners couldn’t help but get emotionally immersed in the two or three minutes they lasted.

George was nicknamed “The Possum.” because of his unusual nose and face. Moreover, he was sometimes called “The Rolls Royce of Country Music,” a testament to his excellence in the genre. George Jones, who died in 2013, had more than 160 chart singles and left an indelible mark on country music.

Where Is Dorothy Bonvillion’s Ex-Husband?

Dorothy Bonvillion’s ex-husband died. At Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, he died on April 26, 2013. He was hospitalized a week earlier for abnormal blood pressure and fever. Dorothy’s ex-husband George Jones died at 81. Long-term alcoholism had harmed his health, resulting in missed performances and the label “No Show Jones.” His death was due to hypoxia and respiratory failure.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Daughter

Dorothy Bonvillion, George Jones’ ex-wife, had a daughter named Susan Jones. Susan joined their family during their 1950–1951 marriage.

Since her parents divorced soon after her birth, Susan grew up privately. Despite having a famous father, Susan’s life and connection with George Jones are unknown. She deliberately lived in private throughout her life.

Dorothy’s daughter is one of George Jones’ four offspring from three marriages. Jones and Shirley Ann Corley have two sons, Jeffrey and Bryan. George married Tammy Wynette and had Tamala Georgette.

Despite Dorothy and George’s brief marriage, Susan’s birth cements her place in George Jones’ legacy. Susan’s longtime privacy shows her choice to keep out of the spotlight, letting her father’s great achievements shine.

15 Facts About Dorothy Bonvillon

Let’s examine Dorothy Bonvillon with 15 facts:

  1. Dorothy Bonvillon was American.
  2. As George Jones’ first wife, she became famous.
  3. Dorothy married Jones in 1950.
  4. They divorced in 1951 after a short marriage.
  5. The couple had no children.
  6. George Jones married three more times after their divorce.
  7. Dorothy didn’t work in music or any other sector, unlike her famous ex-husband.
  8. Dorothy purposefully avoided the public after leaving Jones.
  9. Her estimated net worth is $8 million, however, there’s significant disagreement.
  10. Dorothy died November 2, 2007, in Texas.
  11. Longview’s Gethsemane Cemetery is her ultimate resting place.
  12. Her family won’t reveal her death’s reason.
  13. Dorothy divorced Jones and never remarried.
  14. Despite her brief marriage to Jones, it shaped his early music career.
  15. George Jones and country music lovers recall Dorothy Bonvillon, a non-celebrity

Dorothy Bonvillon Net Worth

Dorothy Bonvillon stood out in country music due to her affiliation with George Jones. Fans and the media noticed her relationship with Jones despite her brief music career. Dorothy’s net worth has been estimated at $8 million by various sources.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s Death and Later Years

George Jones and Dorothy Bonvillion found peace in their later years. Country music legend George became sober in his final 17 years. They built a home in Franklin, TN, where they enjoyed gardening, cooking, and spending time with their grandchildren.

In addition to their relationship, Dorothy oversaw George’s career rebirth through successful tours. Gospel duets like “I’ll Fly Away.” strengthened the couple’s bond. Dorothy’s unrelenting love and determination helped her achieve her dream marriage and family with George.

Dorothy was a caring caregiver during George’s 2012 hospitalization. Her bedside vigil during a near-fatal fever showed her dedication to his health. Dorothy made every day full of music, laughter, and memories despite George’s worsening health.

She held George Jones’ hand as she had for almost 50 years until he died on April 26, 2013. Dorothy coped with losing her sweetheart by fulfilling George’s wish for a little graveside funeral at home. In her grief, she found comfort in knowing that George’s battles had ended and he had found peace.

Saying Goodbye

About a year later, Dorothy Bonvillion Jones died of dementia at 77 on May 14, 2014. Their four grandchildren were pallbearers at her funeral, adding a touching touch. Dorothy seemed to resent being apart from George for too long.

She was buried with George in Nashville’s Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery. The gravestone reads “George Jones and Dorothy Bonvillion Jones – Together Again.” It commemorates their love. It’s a touching goodbye to one of country music’s most lasting love stories.

FAQs about Dorothy Bonvillion

1. Who was Dorothy Bonvillion?

First wife of country music star George Jones was Dorothy Bonvillion. Originally from the US, they married in 1950 but divorced in 1951.

2. Did Dorothy and George Jones have kids?

Dorothy and George had a daughter named Susan Jones during their brief marriage. They had no further children.

3. What killed Dorothy Bonvillion?

Dementia killed Dorothy Bonvillion on May 14, 2014. In Nashville, Tennessee, she died at 77.

4. How did Dorothy affect George Jones’s career?

Dorothy married George Jones during his early music career. George’s tracks “White Lightning” and “She Thinks I Still Care” acquired popularity. Despite their brief marriage, Dorothy helped George become a musician.

5. Dorothy Bonvillion’s childhood: what is known?

Few details regarding Dorothy’s childhood are available. Born around 1937 in Louisiana, her family moved to Beaumont, Texas, where she attended Charlton-Pollard High School.

6. Was Dorothy remarried after divorcing George Jones?

No evidence shows Dorothy Bonvillion remarried after her divorce from George Jones. She lived quietly in Texas.

7. What was Dorothy Bonvillion’s wealth?

Although sources disagree, Dorothy Bonvillion’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. Her finances are kept hidden.

8. After divorcing Dorothy, George Jones married how often?

After divorcing Dorothy, George Jones married three more times. His successive marriages complicated his personal life and made him a country music icon with a troubled past.

9. Where is Dorothy Bonvillion buried?

Gethsemane Cemetery in Longview, Texas, holds Dorothy Bonvillion.

10. What was Dorothy’s daughter Susan Jones famous for?

The daughter of Dorothy Bonvillion and George Jones, Susan Jones, lived quietly. Despite having a prominent father, she kept a low profile.

Final Thoughts

Dorothy Bonvillion’s life, sometimes overshadowed by her ex-husband George Jones, is distinctive and influential in country music history. Dorothy Jones, George Jones’s first wife, helped him succeed during their brief marriage.

She and George Jones stayed close throughout their lives despite their 1951 divorce. While juggling personal and professional life in country music, their daughter, Susan Jones, formed a close relationship.

Post-divorce Dorothy sought privacy and returned to Texas. Her reported $8 million net worth represents her financial life, but her path is unknown.

Dorothy thrived with George Jones, overseeing his career resurrection and sharing a love of gospel music in her senior years. George’s 2013 death and Dorothy’s 2014 dementia-related death turned the love story sad.

Dorothy Bonvillion’s legacy includes being George Jones’ ex-wife and the untold chapters of her life that affected his profession. Her quiet strength, dedication, and lasting relationship with George demonstrate the difficulties of fame-related relationships. Dorothy and George’s gravestone reads, “George Jones and Dorothy Bonvillion Jones – Together Again,” a fitting ending to one of country music’s most enduring love tales.