Pear Face Shape

18 Flattering Hairstyles For Pear Face Shape

What are the best hairstyles for Pear Face Shape?

In the realm of altering your hairstyle or crafting your coiffure within the confines of your abode, it becomes imperative to take into account the contours of your countenance. The capricious winds of trendiness and the whims of your cherished celebrities should not solely dictate your hairstyling choices. Instead, the primary prerogative should revolve around the meticulous discernment of your visage’s unique topography. This discerning examination shall furnish you with the compass to navigate the labyrinth of hairstyles, guiding you towards those that harmoniously resonate with your singular features.

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of possessing a visage akin to that of a pear, bearing the rarefied hallmark of a triangular facade? The Pear Face Shape, an infrequent specimen, imbues the quest for an ideal hairstyle with a semblance of intricacy. However, rest assured, for we are at your service, prepared to facilitate your journey.

The Pear Face Shape physiognomy boasts of distinctive attributes. Its expanse constricts as it ascends towards the cranial zenith, thereafter gracefully unfurling to its apogee around the jawline, reminiscent of the silhouette of a succulent pear. To accentuate and refine this unique visage, it becomes quintessential to be judicious in your selection of coiffures, favoring those that orchestrate equilibrium and accentuate your inherent strengths.

What are the features of a Pear Face Shape?

In the realm of facial morphology, a visage of Pear Face Shape contours often earns the moniker of a triangular countenance, for it bears a striking resemblance to an upright geometric triad. This configuration translates into a cranial expanse that tapers gracefully as it ascends towards the zenith.

To delve into further specifics, the superior facet of this countenance, encompassing the brow and extending its dominion to the temples, assumes a relatively svelte demeanor. Furthermore, the zygomatic prominences exhibit a conspicuously more level visage within the confines of this particular physiognomy.

The quintessential hallmark of a Pear Face Shape countenance manifests in its expansive mandibular region. While it may share certain semblances with a squarely contoured visage, the pronounced width of the jaws assumes a gentler curvature, endowing this facial profile with an inherently softer, more rounded countenance. In essence, this facial structure stands as the antithesis of a heart-shaped visage.

Choosing the Best Hairstyles for Pear Face Shape

The objective while working with a Pear Face Shape is to soften the pronounced jawline and achieve balance between the jawline and the forehead. The solution in this situation is to give your head’s top some volume. The appropriate balance must be struck in order to protect your delicate forehead, though.

So, what’s the trick?

You can achieve this by using bangs and layers to conceal the hairline and add width around the cheek area. It’s also a good idea to avoid smoothing out the hair on the crown and temple regions.

Another effective strategy is incorporating side-swept or deep-parted bangs to create the illusion of a broader forehead. These steps help shift the focus to the upper part of your face, away from the chin.

When it comes to addressing the jawline, consider incorporating soft layers to reduce its apparent width. Tapered haircuts are an excellent choice for Pear Face Shape as they add fullness to the top part of your hair.

Remember, the ideal hairstyle for Pear Face Shape should feature ample volume at the top, gradually tapering down towards the bottom, ensuring a harmonious and balanced look.

1. Side-Swept Loose Waves

This hairstyle choice brings a touch of gentleness to your well-defined jawline. Whether your waves are naturally occurring or styled with a curler, they work to soften the angular features of your face.

A handy styling tip: Consider sweeping all your hair to one side. To maintain a sleek and frizz-free appearance on the other side, you can apply some hair spray or hair gel. If you want to add a charming touch, accessorize with a cute hair clip. This not only enhances your look but also draws attention to your forehead, achieving a balanced and flattering effect.

2. Textured Pixie

To create a harmonious look and offset a wide jawline with a narrow forehead, it’s essential to give the impression of added width to the upper part of your face.

One way to achieve this is by opting for a pixie cut, provided you incorporate some texture. This approach allows you to effortlessly turn short hair into a beautifully tousled style.

Here’s a styling tip to master the disheveled pixie look: Begin with dry hair and apply hair clay or a texturizing spray. Then, start scrunching your hair and run your fingers through the locks to achieve that artfully messy, textured appearance. This not only adds visual interest but also enhances the overall balance of your Pear Face Shape.

3. Funky Colored Pixie

Yet another creative approach to styling short hair for a Pear Face Shape is to experiment with unnatural hair colors. These bold and eye-catching hues can truly make you stand out in a crowd.

Here’s a useful styling tip to consider: It’s important to note that most unnatural hair colors tend to show their true vibrancy on prelightened hair. Therefore, if you have naturally dark hair, you’ll need to go through a bleaching process beforehand to achieve the desired striking effect.

4. Casual Updo

Pear Face Shape may make you wary of wearing your hair up since it emphasizes your jawline. Good news—you can still do an updo that works for you.

The ponytail shouldn’t be overly tight. Thus, you can enhance your facial features while maintaining head volume.

This styling advice will help you attain this look: Before pulling your hair up, use dry shampoo to refresh and volumize. Add texture by lightly backcombing your hair around the crown.

After preparing your hair, tie it everything in a ponytail. You can choose high, mid, or low.

Additionally, you can pull a few strands loose from the front and sides of your hairline to soften your face and add elegance.

5. Space Buns

Redirecting focus away from your jawline is a breeze with the fabulous space bun hairstyle. This playful and trendy hairdo works like a charm for those with medium or long hair lengths.

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide brought to you by Brittany Nichole:

Pro Tip: Although the two front strands of hair add an adorable touch to your space buns, they could potentially create the illusion of a narrower forehead – something you might want to avoid if you have a Pear Face Shape. To counter this, consider neatly tucking those strands into your space buns.

6. Deep Side Part

This versatile hairstyle is a go-to for virtually anyone, regardless of their hair type – be it straight or curly. What really makes or breaks this look is how you part your hair.

Here’s the scoop: A middle part tends to accentuate your jawline, while a deep side part draws attention to your forehead.

Here’s a quick styling hack: It’s a piece of cake to achieve. Just grab a comb and initiate your part right from the outer corner of your eye. To make a tidy part on each side of your head, comb the comb through your hair.

In essence, this hairstyle’s versatility, which makes it ideal for everyone, is what makes it beautiful. Finding the ideal component that enhances your features and style is the key.

7. Full Top Knot

A full top knot serves as an excellent hairstyle choice for individuals with a Pear Face Shape, regardless of gender, and particularly for those blessed with long locks. This versatile hairdo can work wonders by showcasing your cheekbones.

Here’s a helpful styling tip: When aiming for the perfect full top knot to accentuate your angles, steer clear of an overly sleek and tight ponytail. Instead, allow a few wisps of hair to gently cascade and frame your face, adding a soft and flattering touch to the overall look.

In essence, the full top knot is a fantastic option for Pear Face Shape, offering a balance between style and showcasing your unique features.

8. Wispy Bangs

If you happen to have a Pear Face Shape, think of bangs as your trusty sidekick in the world of hairstyles.

Opt for wispy bangs – they possess a gentle charm, thanks to their combination of shorter and longer feathery strands. Wispy bangs work wonders by imparting a softer touch compared to their blunt counterparts.

The magic lies in how these bangs can work to your advantage. They have the power to add a touch of volume to your slightly narrower forehead, making it the focal point of your face in the most flattering way. Just remember to strike the right balance – avoid going too short to maintain that perfect harmony.

In essence, wispy bangs can be your best friend, accentuating your Pear Face Shape beauty with style and grace.

9. Thick Side-Swept Bangs

Thick side-swept bangs are another excellent option if you’re thinking about getting bangs to match your Pear Face Shape. You can easily add this fringe to your side-parted hair whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

Additionally, flat irons can be used to prevent your bangs from looking excessively flat, especially if you have shorter hair. Your bangs will seem fashionable and energetic if you use this practical tool to give them some texture and character.

10. Pixie with Extra Long Bangs

To achieve an edgy and daring appearance, consider combining your side-swept bangs with a chic pixie haircut. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even explore a fresh hair color to give yourself a fantastic glow-up!

This particular haircut is a strategic choice for individuals with a Pear Face Shape. By maintaining length at the bottom and incorporating some stylish pixie layers, it effectively adds height to your overall look. This contrast between the bottom length and the height of the pixie layers can work wonders in creating the illusion of a slimmer face.

11. Short Shag

If you’re looking to go short but not quite as daring as a pixie cut, you might want to consider a short shaggy hairstyle. This haircut is a beloved choice among women, characterized by its textured and casually layered appearance, achieved through razoring techniques.

One of the key features of this style is its abundance of texture, resulting in a chic and slightly messy look. This textured quality adds a unique charm to your overall appearance.

What makes the short shaggy cut particularly flattering for Pear Face Shape is its ability to create symmetry between the top and bottom parts of your head. This balance is crucial in harmonizing your facial proportions. However, it’s important to ensure that the length of the hair falls just above the chin; this length choice helps prevent drawing undue attention to the jawline.

12. A-Line Bob

The pear or triangle face shape often comes with a pronounced jawline, and the aim here is to create a softer and more feminine appearance for the lower half of the face.

One excellent choice for achieving this is the soft-angled bob. The tapered ends of this bob gracefully frame the jawline, adding a touch of elegance and gentleness to the overall look. Alternatively, you can explore a stacked bob for a similar effect.

13. Mid-Length Layered Haircut

If you have a Pear Face Shape, you’ll want your hair to exude volume and movement. That’s precisely why many women with this face shape gravitate toward hairstyles featuring ample layers.

Opting for a soft layered cut at a medium length can work wonders in elongating your face and creating the illusion of a slimmer jaw. These layers add a dynamic and flowing quality to your hair, which not only complements your face shape but also enhances your overall appearance.

14. Wolf Cut

The name says it all – the wolf’s mane haircut draws inspiration from the layered appearance of a wolf’s mane. This style incorporates shorter, choppy layers at the top, gradually transitioning into longer layers that taper toward the ends.

The strategic placement of these layers is key. The volume created on top, thanks to the shorter choppy layers, plays a crucial role in balancing out the proportions of a Pear Face Shape. It adds an attractive dimension and symmetry to your overall look.

15. Pompadour

For individuals with Pear Face Shape, opting for hairstyles that maintain volume at the top while keeping the sides high and tight is often the most flattering choice. A classic example of such a haircut is the timeless pompadour.

The pompadour haircut is characterized by short sides and a longer top, typically brushed back for a polished and sophisticated appearance. To achieve that sleek and shiny pompadour look, you can use a pomade with either a grease or water-based formula.

16. Thick Quiff

Another excellent haircut choice to achieve volume at the top is the quiff. This style is versatile and suits various face shapes, with the exception of heart-shaped faces.

Numerous celebrities have embraced and rocked this trendy haircut, including notable names like Robert Pattinson, David Beckham, and even Miley Cyrus.

17. Low Fade Spiky Top

Spiky hair is making a resurgence in style and is a terrific choice for people with faces like yours.

Whether you choose a short or medium-length spiky hairdo, you’ll be emphasizing your crown, which is really attractive.

Consider combining the low fade cut with the equally fashionable spiky cut for an even more fashionable and low-maintenance style. This combination creates an effortless cool and carefree appearance that is simple to maintain.

18. Curly Top

Another low-maintenance hairstyle for men with naturally textured hair.

This style is beautiful because its curls effortlessly provide body to your head. You may create the illusion of a symmetrical face with little effort.

For Pear Face Shape, the curly top haircut looks best with a clean-shaven look. This combination accentuates the look and flatters your face.


A haircut that flatters your face is vital in hairstyling. Balance and gentleness are ideal for Pear Face Shape with narrow foreheads and wide jawlines. The best Pear Face Shape haircuts balance the jawline and forehead with volume at the top.

Side-swept loose waves, textured pixies, funky colored pixies, casual updos, space buns, deep side parts, full top knots, wispy bangs, thick side-swept bangs, extra-long bangs, short shags, A-line bobs, mid-length layered haircuts, wolf cuts, pompadours, thick quiffs, low fade spiky tops, and curly tops are great options. These haircuts highlight the top face and soften the jawline, emphasizing your innate beauty.

Trying new hairstyles is a fun and empowering way to express yourself and embrace your unique qualities. See a professional hairdresser for individualized advice based on your hair type and preferences.


1. What is a Pear Face Shape?

A Pear Face Shape, often called a triangle face, has a smaller forehead and wider jawline. Unlike the narrower upper face, it features a softer, rounded jawline.

2. What is the ideal hairstyle for a Pear Face Shape?

To offset the narrower forehead and wider jawline, add volume at the top. Consider side-swept bangs, textured layers, and updos that highlight your upper face.

3. Are bangs good for pear-shaped faces?

Bangs can flatter Pear Face Shape. Bangs can soften the forehead and balance the style with wispy, thick side-swept, and pixies.

4. What hairstyles soften my jawline?

Short shags, A-line bobs, and mid-length layered haircuts can soften the jawline by introducing movement and symmetry.

5. Do pear-shaped guys benefit from these hairstyles?

Absolutely! Men and women with Pear Face Shape can wear many of these haircuts. Men looking for pleasing hairstyles could try pompadours, quiffs, low fade spiky tops, and curly tops.

6. How do I maintain these hairstyles?

The cut and hair type determine how to maintain these hairstyles. Maintaining your style requires regular trims, good styling products, and hairdresser assistance.