Who is Eddie Brogdon? Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter

Eddie Brogdon gained recognition as the father of the renowned adult actress Leah Gotti, also known as Raegan Brogdon. His presence in the public eye was relatively minimal until Leah embarked on her career in the adult entertainment industry. However, with Leah’s rapid ascent to fame, Eddie Brogdon found himself becoming more widely known as her father. Subsequently, he has had the opportunity to take on a few minor acting roles, marking his own ventures into the entertainment world.

Quick Facts 

Full NameEddie Brogdon
Date of birth N\A
Spouse Rhonda Brogdon
Net Worth$2 million
ProfessionFormer model
KidsRaegan Brogdon
Mother N\A
Hair colour N\A
Eye colourN\A

Eddie Brogdon Biography

Eddie Brogdon, a native of the United States, spent his formative years in the country. He gained prominence thanks to his daughter, Raegan Brogdon. Eddie holds United States citizenship and has a diverse ethnic background. Over the course of his life, he has maintained a private stance regarding his family, upbringing, and educational background.

Eddie Brogdon is happily married to Rhonda Brogdon. Rhonda occasionally makes appearances on her daughter’s Instagram profile. The couple resides together in Sherman, Texas, United States, along with their daughter, Raegan Brogdon.

What is the net worth of Eddie Brogdon in 2023?

Eddie Brogdon’s 2023 nett worth is unknown. He looks after his family, especially his daughter Raegan Brogdon, who is famous for performing and modeling. Acting and modeling have earned Raegan Brogdon about $2 million as of 2023. Due to her employment with major modeling brands and agencies, she makes over $67,000 annually.

Eddie Brogdon has made a good living, but his finances are confidential. His main concern seems to be helping his daughter succeed in her work.

Early age and and Childhood

Eddie Brogdon was reared in the US. Raegan Brogdon, his daughter, made him famous. Eddie is a mixed-race American. He has always been interested in his family, upbringing, and schooling.

Relationship Status: Who is Eddie Brogdon’s Wife?

Eddie Brogdon and Rhonda Brogdon married long ago. The couple keeps some of their relationship hidden to protect their privacy. The pair has not announced their wedding date or location. Their coupling produces Raegan Brogdon, who they raise jointly.

The couple’s good marriage is partly owing to living together since they became engaged. It is fascinating that Raegan Brogdon is dating Eddie and Rhonda Dinero’s son, Juice Dinero. They have been together for a long time, yet they have not married.

Who is Eddie Brogdon’s Daughter?

Eddie Brogdon’s daughter is legendary American actress Raegan Brogdon. Despite never discussing her career, Eddie Brogdon is highly recognised as her father. Raegan debuted as an actor in 2015. She hosted at Dallas’ Entourage nightclub before acting. She began modeling after making a name for herself in acting, and several major periodicals have published her work.

Quick Wiki 

  • Brogdon holds an American nationality. 
  • His daughter Raegan attended Whitesboro High School. 
  • Raegan also became the captain of the wrestling squad at high school. 
  • Brogdon currently resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 
  • He is inactive on social media.


In conclusion, Eddie Brogdon is a private individual who became famous as Raegan Brogdon’s father. His daughter Raegan, an actress and model, captained her high school’s wrestling team and is American. Eddie lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and maintains a low social media profile. He has mostly kept his personal life out of the spotlight, despite being asked about his daughter’s profession.


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Eddie Brogdon

Q: Who is Eddie Brogdon?

A: Eddie Brogdon is the father of actress Raegan Brogdon, also known as Leah Gotti in the adult film industry. He became somewhat known to the public due to his daughter’s career.

Q: Where was Eddie Brogdon born and raised?

A: Eddie Brogdon was born and raised in the United States of America. He has maintained a private life and has not disclosed many details about his early life.

Q: What is Eddie Brogdon’s nationality and ethnicity?

A: Eddie Brogdon is an American citizen and is of mixed racial background.

Q: Is Eddie Brogdon active on social media?

A: No, Eddie Brogdon is not active on social media and prefers to keep a low profile in the public eye.

Q: Does Eddie Brogdon have any other children?

A: Information about Eddie Brogdon’s family and other children is not widely available in the public domain.

Q: What is Eddie Brogdon’s occupation or profession?

A: Eddie Brogdon’s profession or occupation is not well-documented in public sources, as he has maintained privacy regarding his personal and professional life.

Please note that information about Eddie Brogdon is limited, and he has chosen to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.